Insulation Polystyrene Products

Underfloor Insulation

Polycut Products are able to supply polystyrene sheets that are 40mm,50mm or 60mm thick to be placed on top of hardfill and polythene film.

Sheets can be cut for the inside perimeter of the foundation and layed to avoid any heat loss through the foundation and reduce the penetration of cold through the exterior of the foundation and floor area.

This is the standard flooring system for residential homes, but if you have a higher insulation value requirement or have ground loading problems then the Polyraft floor system which has an R-value of 4.5 plus should be considered.

For any general information on 200mm Raft underfloor insulation please visit As South Island distributors Polycut Products has technical literature available and we are able to supply and deliver our polystyrene products anywhere in the South Island.

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Moulding Products

Architectural Polystyrene Profiles

Polystyrene mouldingsPolycut Products has the most modern of architectural profile polystyrene cutting machines in New Zealand and has become the leading supplier of architectural profiles for the building and packaging industry in the South Island of New Zealand.

Whether it be polystyrene profiles, curved or straight, bands, sills,corbels, vents or cornerstones we will be able to assist.

Our technical staff have the ability to create profiles of any size to  your request or simply specify and leave the rest to us.  Either way, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and requirements.

Mitres can be cut in house for accurate on site finished details.

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Polystyrene columnsIf you are looking for columns you have come to the right place.

Polycut Products has the capacity to form them from polystyrene like no one else can in New Zealand.

From 100mm to 800mm and greater, our most modern and up to date machinery has the ability to make them all.

Our variety of columns include the following choices:

  • – Round or Square
  • – Plain or fluted or grooved
  • – Straight or tapered
  • – With or without capitals and collars
  • – Cut out’s for post of any size or off centre to allow wires or drainage.

Polycut Products has manufactured a large range of columns from 1 metre high to 5.6 meters high.

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Polystyrene signagePolycut Products  has become the Sign writers saviour with the ability to accurately cut signage and logos to any shape size or thickness.

Our modern cutting equipment  has the capacity to cut signage accurately from 20mm thick to 3000mm thick, and from this thick material we can slice down to smaller thickness making it economical to cut more than one sign at a time. Every one of these are exactly the same.

Letters can be cut from 50mm high to 3000 high with out joins. Anything greater than this would require jointing.

Files can be sent to us in eps. or dxf. form and can be re-scaled to your size.

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Polytherm Polystyrene Cladding

Polystyrene claddingPolystyrene is a proven product as an exterior cladding for both commercial and domestic purposes. Polytherm polystyrene sheets are great for insulation and are installed by licensed applicators from start to finish. All flashings and details are provided by the applicators who work with the companies and there systems listed below.

All exterior claddings systems will use 40mm, 60mm or 100mm thick H Grade sheets. This is generally the substrate of the exterior cladding and are then plastered over using modified plasters over reinforcing mesh. These are coloured to your choice.

“Polytherm” Polystyrene products have stood up exceptionally well in the recent earthquakes and joint failure has not occured unlike  many ridgid concrete brick and stone buildings.

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Long Plastics

Insulated Boxes

High quality export boxes which comply to strict health regulations, strength requirements, airline restrictions as well as customers unique needs…

Customised Packaging

Packaging that reduce’s breakages is essential in providing quality service, and containing costs. We provide these solutions through experience, design, innovation and technology…

Customised Products

EPS is often called upon to solve many varied problems. Conference displays, signage, plant trays, windsurfer blanks, the list is endless. We provide these solutions…

Building Products

Insulform Building Blocks, Allied SUPERslab, Firth Ribraft Waffle Pods and EPS home construction. CAD CAM technology is used to cut almost any shape required….

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